The Marlowe
Discovery Tickets

Discovery Tickets

See more for less with £10 tickets.

Why not discover something new? 16–26-year-olds can see a range of high-quality productions for just £10. Our Marlowe 16-26yrs Discovery Membership is free to use. All you need to do is:

  1. Create an account or sign in so we know it’s you.
    Make sure to add your date of birth. Please be aware that it can take up to 24 hours for a new Discovery Account to start applying discounts online, but you can book straight away by phone.
  2. Find a performance where Discovery Tickets apply.
    You can do this online by using our ‘Discovery tickets’ filter on our What’s On page, and when viewing individual dates of a show.
  3. Select up to two £10 seats for you and a 16-26yrs friend.
    You can sit anywhere you like, including the best seats in the house. When you select your seat it will appear at full price, but don’t worry, your discount will show when you check out.
  4. Bring your ID and enjoy the show!
    Discovery Tickets can only be used by customers aged 16-26 and each Discovery Ticket user will need to bring their ID as proof of age.

Discover to your heart’s content

Make the most of your membership by trying out different genres. Whether you’re looking for fresh ideas for a night out or fancy doing something different with your mates. Here’s a few thoughts:

  • Have you ever heard an opera singer project their voice across a whole theatre with no microphone? Or the powerful sound of a full orchestra playing live?
  • You might have read Shakespeare at school, but have you seen his characters come to life on stage?
  • Ever seen world-class ballet, hip-hop or contemporary dancers make perfect synchronisation and incredible body strength look effortless?
  • Ever got that fringe festival feeling on your doorstep? No need to travel far when you’ve got our Marlowe Studio.
  • Have you laughed out loud as part of a real-life crowd at a comedy night?

…If you haven’t, you can do all of this at The Marlowe for just £10!

Don’t forget, Discovery Tickets are limited per show, so book early to avoid missing out!

T&Cs: Discovery Tickets are subject to availability and apply to selected performances. Discovery discounts only apply to customers aged 16-26 and each discovery ticket user will need to bring their ID as proof of age. If no ID is presented on request, the customer will need to pay the difference between the discovery and standard ticket price.