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Associate schools programme

Associate schools programme

Our programme working with the Royal Shakespeare Company and schools in our region to develop and improve access to Shakespeare.

The Associate Schools Programme is the RSC’s national partnership project run by schools and regional theatres. The fundamental ambition of the Associate Schools Programme is to transform experiences of Shakespeare and live theatre for young people.

In Kent and Medway, The Marlowe has been running the programme as a partner of the RSC since the programme began. The programme consists of 22 schools arranged in two clusters. There is a mix of schools, with a range of experience, some of those have been specifically selected to mentor other schools in areas of expertise. It is a rich, dynamic community where students can work with and learn from peers from other schools and teachers can meet and share ideas to further improve their practice.

Schools join the programme for two years and will benefit from a range of teacher training days and workshops with students as well as performance opportunities for their young people at both The Marlowe and inspirational places around Kent for immersive site-specific performances.
Here are some teachers talking about the impact it has had on their schools:

Take a look at previous productions of Much Ado About Nothing and As You Like it:

Much Ado About Nothing – The Merry War.
The Marlowe Theatre, March 2022.

As You Like It: All The Woods A Stage
Oare Gunpowder Works, June 2023