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Relaxed Performances
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Relaxed Performances

Our Relaxed performances are all about creating a relaxed, accessible and inclusive atmosphere where everybody can enjoy the show the way they need to.

Here’s what to expect:

  • At a Relaxed performance, the house lights will not go down in the auditorium, so it is not as dark as during other performances. The sound volume will be lower too.
  • There are no rules on making noise and active responses are encouraged.
  • The doors are kept open, and you can leave and re-enter the auditorium as much as you like/need to. We will also be providing some quiet zones and chill out spaces that are available for anyone who might need to use them.
  • Helpful changes will also be made to the show to make it more accessible for sensory and communication needs. For example, there will be a reduction in surprising sound effects and the avoidance of strobe lighting.
  • There will be a helpful introduction before the show. Some of the actors will introduce themselves and they will explain a bit about their characters, the story and any important moments during the performance you may want to know about in advance.
  • We will also provide support resources such as a social story to help you prepare and understand what to expect from the show and our building.

Relaxed Performances are different to Chilled Performances, which sometimes appear in our programme. Chilled performances are designed for a more informal visit to the theatre, which can be helpful for younger children and first-time theatregoers.


We provide social stories for our Relaxed Performances that tell you a little more about what to expect during the show. If you sign up as a Relaxed Performance Booker, we will email you our visual stories as soon as they become available.

We have also created some helpful guides to both our spaces in the form of a visual story. These may be helpful for visitors on the autistic spectrum, or anyone who wishes to know more before their visit.

Download our visual story for our Main Auditorium.

Download our visual story for our Studio.

Assistance dogs are welcome in our building, Main Auditorium and Studio. We also offer dog sitting at Stage Door during the performance. Please get in touch with our Box Office if you would like to find out the best seats to book when bringing an assistance dog and at least one day in advance of your visit if you would like to use our dog sitting service.

Our upcoming Relaxed performances

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