The Marlowe
Thank you

Thank you

We are very grateful to all our Friends and Members. Your loyalty and support makes a big difference to the work we can present and create on our stages and in our community. This listing is current as of January 2019.

Creative Circle

  • Maurice & Wendi Atherton
  • Sir Graeme Odgers
  • Roger & Claire O'Shea
  • Riki & Sara Samuel
  • Mr Stephen Surridge
  • Charles Villiers

Marlowe Benefactors

  • Mrs Anna Grant
  • Heather and Antonia Hardy

Marlowe Champions

  • Mrs Nicola Armitage
  • Jane Edred Wright
  • Mr Robert and Mrs Lida de Fougerolles
  • Mr and Mrs Iain Johnstone
  • Dr Mary Martin
  • The Mia Family
  • Ian and Juliet Odgers
  • Mr and Mrs Richard Oldfield
  • Mrs Fiona Sunley
  • Lady Juliet Tadgell
  • Andrew Wills

Marlowe Supporters

  • Mr and Mrs M Anthony
  • Paul and Patricia Barrett
  • Mr and Mrs Nigel Beevor
  • Mary and Peter Berg
  • Sir Michael and Lady Bett
  • Mr and Mrs James Bird
  • Mr and Mrs Rex Boucher
  • Mr and Mrs Richard and Caroline Bush
  • Mr Andrew Clague
  • Mr Robert Clay
  • Richard and Lisa Cochrane
  • Mr Alan Cockerill
  • Brenda and Peter Crow
  • Mr and Mrs Gary Eastwood
  • Tony and Judy Eldridge
  • Professor and Mrs Richard Farmer
  • Alan and Tessa Fineman
  • Dr Paul Flower
  • Mrs C Freedman
  • Miss Mary Golding
  • Mr Keith Grove
  • Mr Adrian Gulvin
  • Mrs Graeme Hamilton
  • Mr and Mrs Vyvyan Harmsworth
  • Mr and Mrs Michael Head
  • Mr B V Hide
  • Mr and Mrs Stephen Kingsman
  • Mrs Glenese Knott
  • Clive Leewarden
  • Mr and Dr T N Madgwick
  • Mrs Janice McGuinness
  • Mr Andrew Padgett
  • Mr and Mrs J S S Patrick
  • Mrs Norma Peachey
  • Mrs Joanne Pearson
  • Mr and Mrs D J Peters
  • Mrs Marietta Pollard
  • Mr C Relf
  • Graham and Charlotte Sinclair
  • Mr M Smith
  • Mr and Mrs Michael Stanford-Tuck
  • Mrs Paula Stears
  • Mr and Mrs Clive Stevens
  • Mrs Elena Sinclair Turnbull
  • Mary and Bill Venables
  • Mr and Mrs P Ventress
  • Mr Steven Way
  • Mrs M Weston
  • Pamela Wilkes
  • Mr & Mrs G Williams
  • Peter and Jo Williams