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Young audience members share their reviews of heartwarming family show The Storm Whale

Young audience members share their reviews of heartwarming family show The Storm Whale

Family show The Storm Whale, based on the books by Benji Davies, has started its run in The Marlowe Studio. We spoke to some of the children who have watched the show to see what they thought of the performance.

It was exciting to see how they brought the book to life and to see what kind of music they put in it. The Storm Whale is a heart-warming performance of friendship, family and togetherness. It is a perfect show for all the family and is even a little bit Christmassy.

My favourite character was Noi because I liked the way he talked to the whale. It was funny that the book that Noi read was by Benji Davies, the author of The Storm Whale. I liked when they were describing the feeling of belonging. I liked when Noi and his dad did the daily routine dance to show time passing.

I was excited before the show began and curious about Flo when she was sat in the chair at the beginning. My mummy cried at the end.

I would recommend this show to my friends. I would say the show is a fun experience and would be enjoyed by a wide range of ages. It would be enjoyed by fans of puppet shows and folk music.

I liked that the cats were all named after beaches and I liked the ending when Flo and Noi were grownups and the whale came back.

Esther, 12yrs
(5 stars)

Production photo of Noi kneeling next to the whale touching its back

Photo by Alex Brenner


When we found out I might go I was very excited. I always think going to the theatre is a very special occasion!

My favourite moment was when the whale and his family saved Noi because Noi was so nice to him and he is doing something in return.

I think I felt sad when the whale went away, until later when he reappeared again.

I would definitely recommend it to my friends! I would say “I went to The Marlowe yesterday, and wow, it was so good.”

I just love the fact that the actors have a big grin on their faces while they perform, it really makes the show more interesting! They seem so nice!

Edward, 8yrs
(5 stars)

Production photo of Flo, Noi and his dad smiling and raising their hands in the snow

Photo by Alex Brenner


I was excited to watch the show with mummy because we have read the books together.

My favourite character was Noi because he was good at singing. I loved when they were singing about Christmas.

I felt very excited when it snowed. I felt happy when Noi and the whale made friends. It was lovely when Noi and his daddy had a picnic.

Go and see The Storm Whale. It is brilliant, it is funny and has good characters.

I really liked Sandwich the cat. I liked Noi and his daddy’s funny dance. I thought it was clever that the bath was also the boat. I would like to see the show again.

P.S. It was funny when Noi was trying to move the whale and fell backwards.

Edie, 5yrs
(5 stars)

Production photo of Noi holding Sandwich the cat and his dad sitting on a stool with his feet up

Photo by Alex Brenner


It was very exciting and fun to watch.

My favourite character is Noi because he’s funny and good at singing and acting. My favourite moment was when Flo said “season come, season go, people come, people go.” My mummy cried at this bit.

The show made me feel happy when I watched it and also very funny at moments and I liked when he stepped on the ice, it made a cracking sound.

I would say The Storm Whale was brilliant because of all the funny actions and moments. It was really good.

I liked it when Noi fell over when he was trying to lift the whale into the cart. I really liked the character Flo when she was a grownup and when she was a lighthouse-licking little girl.

Beatrice, 8yrs
(5 stars)

Production photo of Noi singing to the audience, Flo and her dad are in the background

Photo by Alex Brenner


All in all The Storm Whale was a joy to watch.

My favourite scene was probably when Noi is transporting the whale from the beach to the bath. I like the fact that Noi, having struggled to get the whale all the way up the beach, through his house and into the bath, realised he could have just put the whale back in the sea.

The show made me feel happy when Noi rescued the whale because Noi was happy that he had a friend, which made me feel glad that Noi had someone to talk to. I felt sad when Noi found his dad’s boat empty and abandoned because I could sense the sadness in Noi’s words when he discovered the boat was empty.

I would recommend this show to both adults and children because I think the incredible performance can be enjoyed by a wide range of ages because of a variety of factors including the names of Noi’s cats, the clever use of repetition and puppets as well as the wonderful music and staging.

I thought that the addition of a storyteller added an extra layer of fun and complexity to the story, which is one of the ways they managed to expand two picture books into a 75-minute performance. The other thing I really liked about the show was the fact that the costumes and puppets were incredibly similar to the books’ illustrations.

William, 12yrs
(5 stars)

Production photo of Noi looking concerned as he finds the whale washed up on the beach, Flo is looking down at the scene from the balcony

Photo by Alex Brenner


It was good watching the show. At the start I thought it was going to be scary but it was not and it was on a beach. It was exciting when we first heard the story.  The boy Noi was my favourite character, he was nice and he saved his dad.

I felt happy because the whale came back and made the boy (Noi) happy again.

The cats were cute and noisy. They made me happy. My favourite was Sandwich as it was there to see. I love sandwiches as well.

I would say it was really good and fun and snowy.

It made me want to go to the beach and my dad’s bought the book at the bookshop straight after.

Noah, 6 yrs
(5 stars)

Production photo of Noi with his arms in the air with a big smile on his face, Sandwich the cat looking up at him, and his dad behind him on the balcony with his arms in the air

Photo by Alex Brenner


It was really fun seeing the show and it felt like we were on the beach at Broadstairs. The decorations of the stage were nice and catchy. I really loved it.

My favourite character was Noi. He never knew what words to say and kept disagreeing with himself which was really funny. He was a chatterbox. I loved it when Noi and Flo met, and he realised he wasn’t alone. She said she wanted to lick a lighthouse.

I felt amazed. I was amazed at the lighthouse, the beach hut, the bunting and the stars. The sea and the sand on the floor were great. I loved the snow.

I felt sad when Noi was alone. He had no one to play with or find treasure with. I felt happy when he found the whale because he would have a friend beside him.

I would say it was fun, funny and a bit sad.

I loved Sandwich, he was always jumping and hanging off people and things.

Aryan, 9 yrs
(5 stars)

Noi holding a crabbing net looking into the distance while his dad looks at him with his hands clasped together

Photo by Alex Brenner


It was a show about friendship and belonging.

It was fun and inspired me to make my own piece of theatre.

Noi was my favourite character because he’s thoughtful and kind.

I felt sad when the whale was released because Noi had lost his friend. I was excited when it started to snow as it reminded me it was nearly Christmas. I felt happy when Noi made a friend who lived in the strawberries and cream lighthouse.

I would recommend this show to my younger friends. I’m nearly 9 so felt it was a bit young for me, but my 6-year-old brother Ivo loved it. I got the book for my 1st birthday so it was really nice to see it in real life. I really enjoyed the music and singing.

Noah, 8 yrs
(4.5 stars)

Noi and his Dad in a sailboat made from a bathtub, with Flo watching from the balcony behind them

Photo by Alex Brenner


The Storm Whale is in The Marlowe Studio now and must end Saturday 31 December. Tickets are available here.