The Marlowe
A statement from our Chief Executive

A statement from our Chief Executive

Our Chief Executive, Deborah Shaw, responds to news of the government's rescue package.

“We are hugely delighted and mightily relieved by the announcement last night of £1.57 billion in emergency grants and loans for theatres, museums, galleries and heritage sites by the government, supporting cultural organisations through to April 2021.

Our thanks to the DCMS and the Treasury for recognising the importance of the UK’s cultural sector and making this unprecedented investment, and also to everyone who has lobbied so hard and put the case so eloquently about the vital part the arts play in our lives and the economic imperatives in supporting it. We look forward to hearing full details of the scheme over the next few weeks.

The existential threat we’ve been living with – that the whole national theatre infrastructure might be destroyed in this crisis – has been lifted. We can now get on with our plans for a staged reopening of The Marlowe and building to a successful future.

Of course, enormous challenges remain as we face an extended closure period and what might be several years before we build back to a full recovery. But for now we are very very happy.We would also like to thank our audiences who have been so supportive and to remind everyone that the best way to support our theatre right now is to purchase tickets for future performances, join as a member or donate to our Love Your Theatre appeal.”