The Marlowe
White Slate Theatre present


A new play about IVF and reproductive choices.

Karen and Tom met and married when they were really young. They’re grown-ups now. It’s time to join the club, isn’t it?

Their friends are painting the spare-room sunset-yellow. Flexible working hours, baby yoga, PTA meetings… It’s what they want, isn’t it?

Karen is a scientist. She knows the facts. By now she should be ready. But what if she’s not? Fresh from Edinburgh Fringe 2018, and marking the 40th anniversary of IVF, White Slate return to home soil. Re:Production opens up enlightening conversations about choice & female legacy today.

The 3pm performance will be a parent- and baby-friendly performance, which allows adults to enjoy in a baby friendly environment.

White Slate Theatre is a Marlowe supported company.