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The Great Stink

The Great Stink

A hilarious family opera by Omar Shahryar and Hannah Khalil.

Join English Touring Opera in Victorian London for The Great Stink, a hilarious, fun-filled family show about poo… lots of it!

Brought to life with singers, musicians, puppets, and interactive moments children will get to meet Queen Victoria, Prime Minister Disraeli, and even the Thames herself.

Written by Hannah Khalil and composed by Omar Shahryar, The Great Stink is the second in ETO’s series of operas about climate change and the environment, exploring water pollution and the way we dispose of sewage today.

Recommended 7yrs+

Every performance of The Great Stink will be Captioned and a Chilled Performance.
Chilled Performances are designed for a more informal visit to the theatre, which can be helpful for younger children and first-time theatregoers as there are less rules on making noise, and it is okay to walk in and out at any time.

The Great Stink