The Marlowe
The Kit

The Kit

A live museum and playhouse.

The Marlowe Kit: a live museum and playhouse, is named after the world famous Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe (known as Kit to his associates) who lived a life full of intrigue and incident during England’s Elizabethan age.

On the surface, Canterbury may seem like a picture of serene beauty but, if you delve a little deeper, its history is alive with stories of intrigue, incident and wild flights of imagination.

From spy-playwrights of the Restoration and Renaissance eras to modern day nobel laureates, Christopher Marlowe to Michael Morpurgo, Aphra Behn to Anthony Browne, Joseph Conrad to Kazuo Ishiguro, the river runs with stories through Canterbury.

Dedicated to celebrating the stories of Canterbury’s greatest writers and the literary movements that they inspired across the world, The Kit is housed in a magnificent 12th Century building in the heart of Canterbury.

The Kit offers:

  • Intimate performances in The Great Hall
  • Fascinating exhibitions to learn about Canterbury’s greatest storytellers
  • A new escape room experience for Canterbury
  • Creative workshops
  • A digital suite where you can navigate Canterbury’s past
  • A writers’ room where you can be inspired

The Marlowe Kit is a collaboration between The Marlowe and Canterbury City Council Museums and Galleries.
Our programme is made possible by Pioneering Places, part of The Great Place scheme.