The Marlowe
Walrus And The Carpenter
Theatre Rotto present

The Walrus And The Carpenter

A musical show based around Lewis Carroll's poem.

“The time has come” to join the Walrus and Carpenter, with some eager Oysters, on their hunt for a gourmet picnic spot!

These comical characters, along with a capricious Maid with Mop, make entertaining company for all ages.

This musical show, based around Lewis Carroll’s famous poem from Alice Through The Looking Glass, is set to live accompaniment on the accordion and features a large weepy walrus puppet and his lugubrious chippy companion. There are also cameo appearances by updated twins – Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Expect hilarity, eye-watering recitation, song and slapstick from Theatrerotto puppets and players in a salty combination of theatre and haute cuisine. 

Recommended 5yrs+

The Walrus And The Carpenter