The Marlowe
The Magic Word
Let's All Dance present

The Magic Word

A gorgeous ballet especially for children.

In a secret, magical forest lives the beautiful Forest Queen. In the summer the forest is warm and the Queen loves dancing in the dappled sunlight. But in the winter she becomes cold and hungry.

One day she decides to visit the Forest Elf on the other side of the wood, as she knows he has food and a warm cloak.

But the Queen is rather spoilt and does not know how to ask nicely. Once she learns the magic word she discovers the beauty of sharing and the joys of true friendship.

Let’s All Dance is delighted to present this gorgeous, classical ballet. Children will be enchanted by the magical dancers, stunning costumes and crystal clear story-telling. With themes of kindness, good manners and friendship, this is a heart-warming tale for all ages.

Recommended 2-9yrs

The Magic Word