The Marlowe
The Little Prince
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The Little Prince

All grown ups were once children, but only a few of them remember it.

In this adaptation of the classic French fairy tale, The Little Prince, prepare to rediscover your childhood as you fly with us across the universe! Meet the Aviator who, after crashing his plane in the desert, comes across a curious Little Prince. They both learn all about the importance of friendship, imagination and freeing your mind.

Using puppetry to bring to life the whimsical fox, the beautiful rose and many other exciting and magical creatures, you will lose yourself in the adventures of The Little Prince and his companions as they journey from world to world in this hilarious and heart-warming encounter.

This is an amateur production.

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Overcome a series of devilishly clever interactive games in order to unlock the soon-to-be-lost works of Kit Marlowe.

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The Little Prince