The Marlowe
The University of Kent Musical Theatre Society present


The story of a group of New York artists during the 1980s AIDS crisis.

Set against the backdrop of New York City’s East Village, Rent follows a group of artists during the height of the AIDS Crisis in the late 1980s. Dealing with the hardships of addiction and disease, these bohemians try to build hope from despair and life from seemingly certain death.

They reconnect with their old roommate and friend, Tom Collins, who meets Angel, a drag queen who earns money drumming on the street, after he is mugged outside his friends’ apartment on Christmas Eve. While Roger encounters Mimi, an exotic dancer and fellow AIDS patient, Mark’s ex girlfriend Maureen and her new partner Joanne attempt to set the stage for Maureen’s protest against the group’s old yuppie friend Benny.

Spanning 12 months from Christmas Eve 1989 to the same date at the turn of the decade, Rent chronicles a year in life, death, love, art and hope.

This is an amateur production.