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Perfectly Imperfect Women
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Perfectly Imperfect Women

A universal story about women's search for perfection.

In this biographical wonder tale, multi-award-winning storyteller Danyah Miller explores what drives us to want to live perfect lives as mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, bread-winners.

What makes us want to be perfect? What’s so bad about imperfection anyway?

This universal and archetypal story considers one woman’s search for a richer understanding of ‘perfection’ and what it means to accept imperfection in order to connect more deeply to her female line.

It is a theatrical storytelling show with a splash of stand-up, examining the often complex relationship between mothers and daughters and the challenge of discovering you may have more in common with your female ancestors than you care to admit.

We take a look in the mirror of five generations of women in one family, beginning with Danyah’s Great-Grandmother.

Created in celebration of International Women’s Day 2017.

Recommended 14yrs+

Perfectly Imperfect Women