The Marlowe
Model Behaviour
Trinity Youth Theatre

Model Behaviour

Trinity Youth Theatre perform a brand-new play as part of National Theatre Connections.

When Mr Smallwood announces that his Politics Year Group are going to spend an entire day role playing what it’s like to be a delegate at the United Nations, the keenest pupil in the class, Ronni, is delighted. Everyone else in the class isn’t and they quickly exhibit their contempt for the project.

What should be one of Ronni’s most memorable days at school – a personal triumph as she displays her diplomatic and intellectual prowess, for the benefit of the whole of humanity – instead is set to explode into a thermo-nuclear car crash of a day.

A fast-paced, comic, white-knuckle-ride through the rollercoaster of personal (playground) politics, played out against the backdrop of the world stage.

Jon Brittain is a playwright, television writer and director. His plays include Rotterdam (Evening Standard Charles Wintour nomination for Most Promising Playwright; Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in an Affiliate Theatre) at Theatre503, Trafalgar Studio, 59E59 in New York and the Arts Theatre in the West End, and Margaret Thatcher Queen Of Soho (also director) at the Edinburgh Festival and in the West End. He was a staff writer on series three of The Crown.

Suitable for all ages.
Contains some moderate language.

Model Behaviour