The Marlowe
Knock Knock
Hot Coals Theatre present

Knock Knock

A tale of self-discovery, acceptance and friendship for all.

Once upon a time, tucked away in a small rickety cottage, deep in the heart of the forest, a woodcutter goes about his life in a world of woodland magic. When one day a stranger knocks at his door bringing with her a most unexpected of spells. But when the pressure of social expectation worms its way to the centre of their lives bringing confusion to their hearts, a choice must be made; stay and conform or run and be freeā€¦ or is there another way?

Hot Coals return with a fairytale of love and longing, expect to laugh and cry in this poignant and moving piece using physical theatre, clown and mask to capture the hearts of grownups and thinking families.

Accessible to d/Deaf and hearing audiences. Family friendly.
Recommended 9yrs+

Knock Knock