The Marlowe
Julius Caesar: The Ides Of March
The Marlowe, Canterbury High School and the Royal Shakespeare Company's Associate Schools Programme present

Julius Caesar: The Ides Of March

Let slip the dogs of war.

As the people of Rome celebrate their returning hero Julius Caesar, some fear what this all-powerful
figure might do next. Is this man a visionary or a tyrant? Is Brutus a man for the people or part of the political elite? Whilst storms rage, conspirators plot and friends turn to enemies as the Republic is brought to its knees.

Young people from 11 schools across Kent come together to bring to life Shakespeare’s iconic tale of
political intrigue and conspiracy. Julius Caesar is a fantastic celebration of the achievements of young people involved in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Associate Schools Programme, a long term programme where schools work with artists and practitioners from the RSC and The Marlowe.

This is a production made with our Associate Schools.

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Julius Caesar: The Ides Of March