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Is This Good Enough
Brockhill Park Performing Arts College

Is This Good Enough?

Brockhill Park Performing Arts College perform a brand-new play as part of National Theatre Connections.

Young people from all over the city – the Rudeboys, the Party Girls, the Footballers, the Chess Players, the Skateboarders, the Drug Runners and the Uniformed Schoolkids – converge on the park one cold winter’s night.

They have been summoned there by the mysterious and enigmatic Cyroe. No one really knows who Cyroe is or has ever really met him. All they do know is that when Cyroe calls, you answer.

Avaes Mohammad’s scripts have chronicled post 9/11 multicultural Britain and represented the challenges of young people in the UK. He currently seeks to engage with the heritage of Islamic and Sufi literatures, reinterpreting them for contemporary western audiences. As a performance poet, his influences range from the Sufi saints of South Asia to the dub poets of Jamaica. His essays and opinion pieces engage with topics that include integration, identity and the arts.

Recommended 13yrs+
Contains references to drug use.

Is This Good Enough?