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Innocent Creatures
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Innocent Creatures

Theatre Works Deal perform a brand-new play as part of National Theatre Connections.

Soon, very soon, Big Ben will be underwater, surrounded by ice floes.

Enid and Mia wait to be rescued from the rising floodwaters and taken to a Holiday Inn to be reprogrammed. In this world, robots are in charge and Mia and Enid must decide whether they too want to live forever or take their chances in the icy waters.

Will they decide that Earth’s last sunset is worth hanging around for thousands of years to see?

Leo Butler is an award-winning playwright. His plays have been produced at the National Theatre, Royal Court, Almeida, Birmingham Rep and Royal Shakespeare Company. He has written many plays about young people, including Made Of Stone and Redundant at the Royal Court and Boy at the Almeida. Other work includes I’ll Be The Devil for the RSC; and Lucky Dog and Faces In The Crowd at the Royal Court. For ten years, Leo Butler was Writers Tutor at the Royal Court Theatre and helped nurture a new generation of playwriting talent.

Recommended 15yrs+
This is a sci-fi play set in the near and distant future, and features characters who are robots or part android. Within this context, the play features discussion of “gas chambers” and characters being “exterminated”, violence to an animal (which is revealed to be robotic), a character cutting open their wrists to reveal wires, and a character’s eyes being gouged out and replaced with implants. Contains strong language.

Innocent Creatures