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Hannah & Hanna In Dreamland
UK Arts International, Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts and The Marlowe in association with Theatre Royal Margate, Folkestone Quarterhouse and Looping the Loop present

Hannah & Hanna In Dreamland

A story of friendship and hatred, migration and identity.

Summer 1999. Margate’s beaches are packed with day-trippers… and its hotels filled with Kosovan asylum seekers – including Hanna (Celia Meiras), a survivor of Europe’s most recent genocide. Hannah (Lisa Payne) is from Margate and bored with life in the rundown seaside town – hanging out with her boyfriend Bull and his racist mates. The only things the two 16 year olds have in common are their names and their love of singing along to their favourite pop songs…

Sixteen years later, Hanna returns to Margate – this time in search of a Syrian girl she befriended in Kosovo and who may have succeeded in getting across the Channel. The Calais “Jungle” is close, attempts by its residents to reach England fill the local media. Hanna hopes her young friend will be welcome in Margate, but although the town has changed, alongside the coffee bars and vintage shops, there is still an undercurrent of hostility towards the migrants and refugees who are so desperate to enter the UK.

Just as in 1999, Hanna’s arrival turned Hannah’s life upside down, so her return takes the friends on a journey which Hannah from Margate would not have thought possible.

Hannah & Hanna In Dreamland builds on John Retallack’s award-winning earlier play, Hannah And Hanna, which has been performed extensively both nationally and internationally.


Supported by

Arts Council England, House, Thanet District Council and The Marlowe Theatre Development Trust. The 2018 production is supported by Arts Council England and Kent County Council.


Hannah & Hanna In Dreamland