The Marlowe
Gulliver Returns
Dawn State presents

Gulliver Returns

A new play inspired by Jonathan Swift's masterpiece.

Lil’s husband has lost himself in Gulliver’s Travels, and now she has a mission of mercy to perform. No matter what the cost, she must find a way to drag this broken man out of his fantasy. She must find a way to bring him home.

Raging, tragic and magical, Gulliver Returns is a haunting new play about broken dreams, enduring love, and the weird world we live in; inspired by Swift’s savage masterpiece. From the company behind The Man Who Would Be King (2016).

Dawn State makes dynamic new work inspired by classic texts and forgotten stories. Their productions connect the most important questions of today with the shared narratives of our past to create work that’s urgent, passionate and timeless.

Supported by

English Touring Theatre through their ETT Forge development programme.

Gulliver Returns