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Dara O Briain: So… Where Were We?

Dara O Briain: So, Where Were We?

Back by popular demand!

At the end of his last tour, Dara had performed the show Voice Of Reason 180 times, over two years across 20 countries, from Auckland to Reykjavik, from Moscow to New York; and by March 2020 he was ready for a break!

He would now like to apologise for saying that and will never wish for anything like that again.

Yes, he’s back on tour, and he will never stop again, because that’s clearly what caused all this trouble. Instead, in his new show So, Where Were We? Dara will hardly mention the last year and a half, because who wants to hear about that, but will instead fire out the usual mix of stories, one-liners, audience messing, and tripping over his words because he is talking too quickly, because he’s so giddy to be back in front of a crowd.

Suitable for 14yrs+
May contain swearing and adult content.

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Dara O Briain: So, Where Were We?