The Marlowe
Creed Of Spies
The Marlowe Youth Theatre present

Creed Of Spies

An immersive performance in Canterbury’s secret places.

Canterbury: at dusk hooded figures rise in the city’s deepening shadows – ghosts of the old creed banished from the kingdom. The hunter and the hunted seek the signs which will unlock the doors hiding the truths of this restless world. What are ‘the strangers’ who share the new creed doing here? Why have they fled? A boy’s fate is sealed as a cold hand of history hauls him down into the darkness.

Guided by hooded avatars, Creed Of Spies fuses promenade play and an immersive parkour trail to unlock the secrets of some of Canterbury’s most precious artefacts that conspired to shape the life and death of its most celebrated son, Christopher Marlowe.

Join The Marlowe Youth Theatre for a dramatic journey through the streets, up the walls and into the secret places of Canterbury.

This is a promenade performance in a number of venues across Canterbury, starting in The Marlowe Foyer. Please notify Box Office if you have any access requirements.

Recommended 14yrs+
This is an amateur production.

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