The Marlowe
Ask Me Anything
Created and presented by the Paper Birds and co-produced with Live Theatre

Ask Me Anything

A loud, live, love song to not having it all figured out.

They asked young people to write to them and ask them anything. This show is the reply.

Inspired by letters, written to them by young people from across the UK, Ask Me Anything explores what it means to be growing up today. What can we teach the next generation and what can they teach us?

Ask Me Anything is an immersive theatrical experience set in our teenage 90s and 00s bedrooms. Featuring live music and cutting-edge digital artistry, we explore what different generations can learn from each other.

Ask Me Anything is for teenagers, parents, grandparents, and everyone in between, who, like us, are still figuring it all out.

Recommended for 13yrs+. Contains themes of mental health and youth suicide.

Ask Me Anything