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A Marlowe story: Alex Jespersen

A Marlowe story: Alex Jespersen

Though I have been acting most of my life, I wasn’t ever very confident in my abilities until I joined The Marlowe Youth Theatre at the age of 13.

I enjoyed the fun way the members were taught how to truly and freely express themselves through acting. However I would say the moment I realised what potential I had, was in 2013 when The Marlowe produced their first National Theatre Connections show Tomorrow I’ll Be Happy, in which I played a fantastic part, and I also received my first professional reviews. This was a crucial moment in my life, which the Youth Theatre played a big part in.

Since then, I have been pursuing my dream of acting, taking part in all the productions the youth theatre continued to produce and more, until 2015 when, after being given help and guidance from the youth theatre leaders, I was offered a place for a three year BA at East 15 acting school. Furthermore, I have now been offered the part of Ophelia in a large professional production of Hamlet at Kronborg Castle in Denmark to celebrate Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary.

I can do nothing but sing The Marlowe Youth Theatre’s praises, not only because of the tremendous help it has given me to be able to succeed in the field of acting, but also for the friends and family-like relationships it allowed our teams to have.

Alex Jespersen, former Youth Theatre member