The Marlowe
Creed Of Spies, 2017

Creed Of Spies, 2017

After the previous year’s takeover of The Theatre, 2017’s community production went one step further, and used the whole of central Canterbury as its performance space.

A promenade performance, it took place in various Canterbury locations, both well-known and well hidden.

Taking inspiration from the life of Canterbury’s most famous son (and our namesake) Christopher Marlowe, Creed Of Spies used parkour and dance as well as acting, as The Marlowe Young Companies took its audiences back in time to Elizabethan England. Featuring monks, spies and parkour artists, Creed Of Spies immersed its audiences in the past, offering an imaginative and creative response to the story of our namesake Christopher Marlowe.

Creed Of Spies was supported by The Heritage Lottery Fund.


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