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Shakespeare Nation

Shakespeare Nation

Shakespeare Nation is a collaboration between The Marlowe and the Royal Shakespeare Company to celebrate the works of Shakespeare and explore their relevance to modern-day Kent.

The project will bring together people from across the community who will each weave their personal stories with the words of Shakespeare to create something new and unique. This will culminate in a production that will be performed in The Marlowe Studio later this year.

Shakespeare Nation is a continuation of The Marlowe’s partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company, which includes the Associate Schools Programme.

Re-finding Your Voice

As part of Shakespeare Nation we have launched a series of free online voice workshops to do at home, which you can find here.

Re-Finding Your Voice workshops are led by RSC voice coach Michael Corbidge. Michael has earned an international reputation as a leading teacher of voice, having delivered workshops to professional actors and students of acting around the world.

The six sessions, which can be enjoyed by those with or without previous acting experience, cover topics such as posture building, getting warmed-up and learning how to project your voice.