The Marlowe
Update on shows and our temporary closure

Update on shows and our temporary closure

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, we have had to reschedule or cancel a number of performances.

Our team have been working closely with producers and promoters to determine which shows can be rescheduled for a future date. As you can imagine, this is a complex task that our team have been working hard to resolve as soon as possible.  We have really appreciated your patience during this challenging time.

A list of confirmed cancellations and rescheduled events can be found below. We will update this regularly so you can find out the latest information.

If you have tickets booked for any shows during the closure period, we will be in contact with you directly with information about your booking as soon as possible. We can reassure you that regardless of whether your show is cancelled or rescheduled, you will be entitled to a credit note or refund.

We ask that you do not contact our Box Office, as we will be in touch with you directly as soon as we have news.

Frequently asked questions

I’ve responded to an email from The Marlowe telling me that my performance has been cancelled and I’ve asked for a refund. When will I receive the money in my account?
We’re aiming to process all refund requests as soon as possible. We really appreciate your patience as our team process such a huge number of transactions.

My show has been cancelled, but I haven’t received an email. What should I do?
We’ve emailed (or sent a letter in the post when we couldn’t email) all affected customers. If you haven’t received any correspondence from us and your show is listed as cancelled below, please call our box office team on 01227 787787 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday. They will be able to assist you.

My show has been rescheduled, but I haven’t received an email. What should I do?
If your show is listed as being rescheduled, your tickets will have been automatically transferred to the new date. You will be sitting in the same seats and you do not need to contact the box office. Your original tickets are still valid. If you have any queries about this, please call our box office on 01227 787787 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

Current status of performances:

Updated 10 August 2pm

Stewart Lee (17 MAR) Rescheduled to 2 MAR 2021
LicKitySpit (18 MAR) Cancelled
Sensational 60s Experience (18 MAR) Rescheduled to 16 JAN 2021
Acosta Danza (20-21 MAR) Cancelled
Flo & Joan (20 MAR) Rescheduled to 29 NOV 2020
Lou Sanders (21 MAR) Rescheduled to 23 JUL 2020
A View From The Bridge (22-23 MAR) Cancelled
Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (23-28 MAR) Rescheduled to 22-27 FEB 2021
Tom Rosenthal (24 MAR) Rescheduled to 5 FEB 2021
Dead Good (26-28 MAR) Cancelled
Backstage Tour (28 MAR) Cancelled
Rhod Gilbert (29 MAR) Rescheduled to 29 OCT 2020
Rhys James (29 MAR) Rescheduled to 1 NOV 2020
A Monster Calls (31 MAR-4 APR) Cancelled
Rich Kids: A History Of Shopping Malls In Tehran (2-4 APR) Cancelled
Matthew Bourne’s The Red Shoes (6-11 APR) Cancelled
Backstage Tour (11 APR) Cancelled
Storm Whale (6-11 APR) Cancelled
English Touring Opera’s Cosi Fan Tutte (15 APR) Cancelled
English Touring Opera’s Giulio Cesare (16 APR) Cancelled
The Alternative Comedy Show (15 APR) Cancelled
LicKitySpit (15 APR) Cancelled
Philharmonia Orchestra: Soul And Spectacle (17 APR) Cancelled
Matt Richardson (17 APR) Rescheduled to 18 SEP 2020
Aljaz & Jeanette: Remembering The Oscars (18 APR) Rescheduled to 26 & 27 MAR 2021
Jayde Adams (18 APR) Rescheduled to 19 SEP 2020
Queen Machine Symphonic (19 APR) Rescheduled to 3 OCT 2021
Simon Munnery (21 APR) Rescheduled to 12 SEP 2020
Beautiful (21-25 APR) Cancelled
It’s True, It’s True, It’s True (22-25 APR) Cancelled
Julian Clary (26 APR) Rescheduled to 28 MAR 2021
Kipps (29 APR-3 MAY) Cancelled
National Theatre Connections Festival
(29 APR-3 MAY) Cancelled
John Bishop (5 MAY) Rescheduled 27 OCT 2020
Kate Rusby (6 MAY) Cancelled
Radio Live (7 MAY) Cancelled
Thank You For Doing Nothing (7-9 MAY) Cancelled
Philharmonia Orchestra: American Romantics (8 MAY) Cancelled
Rich Hall (9 MAY) Rescheduled to 9 MAY 2021
Adam Buxton (12 MAY) Rescheduled to 28 OCT 2020
Political Mother (14 & 15 MAY) Cancelled
Belshazzar’s Feast (14 MAY) Rescheduled to 26 NOV 2020
Art Heist (15 & 16 MAY) Cancelled
The Comedy Of Errors (15 MAY) Cancelled
Whitney: Queen Of The Night (16 MAY) Rescheduled to 14 JAN 2021
Six (19-24 MAY) Rescheduled to 18-29 MAY 2021
The Noise Next Door Comedy Lock-in (19 MAY) Rescheduled to 29 JUL 2020
LicKitySpit (20 MAY) Cancelled
Backstage Tour (21 MAY) Cancelled
Dance@Canterbury (21 MAY) Cancelled
Oi Frog (22-24 MAY) Cancelled
Jake Morrell (23 MAY) Rescheduled to 17 SEP 2020
Princess And The Pea (25 MAY) Cancelled
Big Up! (27-28 MAY) Cancelled
Holes (27-30 MAY) Cancelled
The War Of The Worlds (1-5 JUN) Cancelled
Jools Holland (3 & 4 JUN) Rescheduled to 11 & 12 JUN 2021.
Breakin’ Convention
(6 JUN) Cancelled
Romesh Ranganathan (7 JUN) Rescheduled to 25 APR 2021
Once The Musical (8-13 JUN) Cancelled
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (11-13 JUN) Cancelled
Live At The Marlowe (14 JUN) Cancelled
A Canterbury Tale (14 JUN) Cancelled
Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em (16-20 JUN) Cancelled
LicKitySpit (17 JUN) Cancelled
The Alternative Comedy Show (17 JUN) Cancelled
All The Beds I Have Slept In (18 JUN) Cancelled
Laid Bare Cabaret (20 JUN) Cancelled
Backstage Tour (20 JUN) Cancelled
Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em (16-20 JUN) Rescheduled to 22-26 JUN 2021
Mamma Mia (23 JUN-11 JUL) Rescheduled to 30 AUG – 10 SEP 2022.
Backstage Tour (8 JUL) Cancelled
Malory Towers (14-18 JUL) Cancelled
LicKitySpit (15 JUL) Cancelled
Arron Crascall (19 JUL) Rescheduled to 25 MAR 2021
Alan Carr (23 JUL) Rescheduled to 30 APR 2021
Lou Sanders (23 JUL) Rescheduled to 27 MAR 2021
Derren Brown (28 JUL-1 AUG) Rescheduled to 4-8 MAY 2021
The Noise Next Door’s Comedy Lock-in (29 JUL) Rescheduled to 3 FEB 2021
9 To 5 The Musical (4-8 AUG) Rescheduled to 15-19 JUN 2021
Grease (10-15 AUG) Rescheduled to 28 JUN-3 JUL 2021
Backstage Tour (15 AUG) Cancelled
Quiz (8-12 SEP) Cancelled
Simon Munnery (12 SEP) Rescheduled to 24 FEB 2021
Heathers (15-19 SEP) Rescheduled to 16-20 FEB 2021
Jake Morrell (17 SEP) Rescheduled to 2 DEC 2021
Matt Richardson (18 SEP) Rescheduled to 28 MAR 2021
Jayde Adams (19 SEP) Rescheduled to 25 FEB 2021
Les Miserables (25 SEP-24 OCT) Rescheduled to 24 SEP-23 OCT 2021
Adam Buxton (28 OCT) Rescheduled to 2 MAY 2021
Rhod Gilbert (29 OCT) Rescheduled to 24 MAR 2021
Rhys James (1 NOV) Rescheduled to 24 FEB 2021
Madama Butterfly (3 & 6 NOV) Cancelled
The Magic Flute (4 & 7 NOV) Cancelled
The Magic Flute: Behind The Curtain (5 NOV) Cancelled
Backstage Tour (9 NOV) Cancelled
Belshazzar’s Feast (26 NOV) Rescheduled to 28 APR 2021
Jack Dee (17 DEC) Rescheduled to 10 MAY 2021)
Jack And The Beanstalk (27 NOV 2020-10 DEC 2021) Rescheduled to 26 NOV 2021-SUN 9 JAN 2022
The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe (16-20FEB 2021) Rescheduled to 15-19 FEB 2022
Strictly Ballroom (3-8 MAY 2021) Rescheduled to 21-26 FEB 2022


Thank you for all of your support and we look forward to welcoming you back through our doors soon.